About Wiber Bouchard & Company LLP

Company Profile

Wiber Bouchard & Company LLP provides diversified business assurance and advisory services to over 100 corporate clients and approximately 400 personal tax clients in the Sea to Sky Corridor. As we understand the importance of offering sound financial advice as well as a high level of customer service.

"We have a good reputation and offer current financial advice... I'm in the relationship business."

Our team have a thorough working knowledge of the Income Tax Act, Excise Tax Act (GST), and British Columbia Social Services Tax (PST). According to Gordon, “There is no replacement for reading legislation and having a thorough working knowledge when it comes to accounting practices.

Wiber Bouchard & Company LLP is accounting for today and for tomorrow - offering user-friendly on-line financial advice and providing accessible accounting information. We understand the value of 'time' and are aware; people don't have time to spend foraging through papers trying to organize tax reports and payments. We invest heavily in Information Technology and believe technology will save our customers time and therefore money.

Staff Profiles

Gordon J. Wiber
CEO / Chartered Accountant

Gordon is a Chartered Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and has over 20 years of accounting experience. Gordon graduated from York University in 1994, with a Bachelor of Administrative Studies and in 1999 Gordon went on to complete the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants In-depth Taxation Course. Gordon keeps abreast of new accounting practices as a dedicated member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, the BC Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Canadian Tax Foundation. Gordon recognizes that providing quality service requires excellent training combined with an understanding of a client’s financial objectives and problems.